Marek Mansell


I am an enthusiastic programmer, volunteer and experimentator :-) I am currently studying Networking technologies at Slovak University of Technology and leadership in Nexteria Leadership Academy. I am vice-chairman of SPy, a civic association which is the organiser of PyCon Slovakia and monthly Python meetups in Bratislava. I am a hardware engeneer and develop embedded products.

SPy o.z. and PyCon Slovakia

Find out more about PyConSK in this Lightning Talk :-)

Teaching with Hardware

Here is a video in Slovak about the things our association is working on.

Hardware and Elecronics

I designing and prototypie custom embedded products - part selection, microprocessor selection, PCB design (Eagle), PCB assembly, SMD soldering, testing, case design (in CAD software), case manufacturing (3D printing and CNC milling), embedded software programming


  • - A web portal featuring Slovak MicroPython documentation, as well as a beginner’s guide to hardware
  • Kávovar (Resco MADHack hackhaton) - An IoT project focused on simplifying everyday morning coffee/tea making.
  • StaráSmaltovň (Co-founder)